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Phil Pfister won the
2006 World’s 
Strongest Man Contest!

Why is this such a Big Deal?
He is the ONLY
American to win
World's in over 

in 30 Years!

Thiat year, Phil Won 5 out of the 7 Final Events!
  • He was the only man to Press all 4 Stones Overhead (no one else Pressed more than 2 in the finals)
  • Phil won the Harness Pull, beating some of the best in the world.
  • Phil set a World’s Strongest Man Record in the Fingle’s Fingers.
  • Finished the Car Walk in the Fastest Time.
  • He beat the reigning Champion on the last event, the Atlas Stones, to win the entire contest!
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Prior to training with Nick Osborne, Phil’s Highest Placing was 4th place.

What was the difference?
  • Phil’s Training was Different than any other strongman's!
  • Phil trained using Nick Osborne's program!
  • The “Top Secret” Functional Training System that Phil was trained with is different than everything else anyone else out there has been doing.

Nick videotaped each of his workouts for the 12-weeks he trained with Nick before winning the World’s Strongest Man Contest in Sanya, China.

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This 2-DVD Set is not a lecture series, or a boring “Watch me pull a bus and be amazed” video. Phil Pfister and Nick Osborne’s Train Like A Champion program is a step-by-step instructional and educational program that will have you or your clients working in a more functional, and productive way, right from the first workout!

It is an actual how to 2-DVD Set, with reps, sets weights and voice-over instructions on the lifts! No Special Equipment is Needed! No tires or rocks are used in this video! Anyone’s Grandmother could do this workout!

  • How to lift in a way that builds stability not inhibit it.
  • Learn how to lift at specific speeds to strengthen joints and tendons, not weaken them!
  • How to train your heart, lungs muscles and enzymes to the specific energy demands of the strength athlete.
  • How to do a warm up that does not inhibit strength, but allows you build it.
  • How to lift in a way that allows you to work as hard as you can, then continue building strength each time you workout!
  • Lift in a way that let you have fun each time you head into the gym.
  • How often you need to change your workout to keep it effective.
  • How to have fun while training, and not to hit plateaus!

This 12-Week program is good for any Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, Strength Athlete or if you just want to get stronger in a Fun and Functional Way. Anyone can benefit from this workout.

Most trainers do not know how to use functional training to get the results they are looking for with people needing strength.


  • -If you are someone who is getting results every time they go into the gym, or....
  • -If you are having fun in all your workouts, or....
  • -If you enjoy doing the same 10-12 exercises every time they go into the gym, , or....
  • -If you know how to use functional training in a way to help your or your people to get strong, 


DON'T Buy this DVD Set!

If you want to learn what Nick Osborne did to make a 6’6”, 340 pound man stronger and faster than everyone else in the world!

You Need to Buy this DVD!

DVDs Begin Shipping March 2nd

Phil Pfister and Nick Osborne’s Train Like A Champion program is designed to develop the strength, power, balance, agility, and stability people need when they want to get strong!

This 12-week program is not a warmed-over power-lifter, football player, bodybuilder workout. Those programs won’t make you lighter on your feet,
stronger in the mid-section, or better able to tie movements together to make your body perform as a finely tuned, strength unit.

Phil Pfister and Nick Osborne’s Train Like A Champion workouts are fun and are designed to build the strength and skills you need to be a Champion!

How Much Should You Expect to Pay For This Unique Program?
By now you should be asking what you have to do to get your hands on this program.
•    You now know why you need get this cutting edge information.
•    You know that it is presented in an easy to understand format.
•    You know you get to watch Phil Pfister evolve thru his 12-Week Program.
•    Nick Osborne, a strength coach, with a proven track record, has developed and presents the program.

So what is a fair value for this revolutionary program, which is designed to win you more matches each and every season?

Consider this…
Nick Osborne has trained and consulted with thousands of coaches and athletes, trained Division 1 College Teams,
is the only person to win North America’s Strongest Man contest Twice,
as well as winning a World Championship in Combat Kung (This guy knows Functional Strength and Conditioning)  

With the growing success of his clients, his time has become increasingly valuable. This means he has less time to offer and must charge more for his services. With a standard rate of $100 per hour to train or consult with him, what is the market value of this program?

With 30 one-hour workouts, you can see that it would cost you over $3,000 to learn this information directly from Nick Osborne. (One of the benefits of buy this on DVD is you can go back and watch it as many times as you need!)

But because Nick and Phil want to help you stop wondering how good you could be, they are going to offer you our this special, limited time opportunity. Order now and pay only $69 for the 2-DVD Set!

One thing to keep in mind, we only ordered 500 DVD copies of this Program and we will be selling them at the Arnold Strength Show the First weekend in March!

So act fast!

Click here to order now! 

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